For Sale & Wanted

The sale of condos within the Garth Trails community are not done through the Clubhouse, but anyone that would like to share that they are selling are welcome to request an ad be posted here. If you would like to have something posted on this page please email a description with details and any pictures you would like posted to

Tours of the Clubhouse are available to prospective buyers only if either accompanied by a resident or by appointment (scheduled by your realtor).

FOR SALE / TRADE: Jigsaw Puzzles

Looking to trade or sell my jigsaw puzzles.

Preferably, looking to trade puzzles over the winter.

300pc, 500pc and 1000pc.

Selling from $1 - $5.

Please call Wayne Tolton at 905-679-1222

Posted November 5/22


FOR SALE: 58 - books on woodworking and woodworking plans.


58 - books on woodworking and woodworking plans.

Asking $100.00 for the lot.

Please call Peter Allen at







Posted November 2/21

Woodworking magazine 1.jpg
Woodworking magazine 3.jpg
Woodworking magazine 2.jpg
Woodworking magazine 4.jpg

FREE ZOOM LESSONS: Learning How to Trade Stocks

I am interested in providing a Zoom based program to help people learn about trading stocks. I am not a financial advisor but I have been actively managing my own portfolio of stocks over the past 20 years. I am actually a clinical psychologist! On average I make about double what the TSX gains each year.

I use a technical approach, which involves studying charts of stock price movements. I would teach you how to use this method to either just keep track of what your investments are doing or to do some of your own trading. It is an interesting and engaging approach. You do not need any sophisticated mathematical knowledge beyond understanding what averages are, what variability means and understanding how to read a graph. I can teach you all of that.

If you want to join this fledgling group you will need to be able to commit to at least 10 one hour Zoom meetings, to spend some time thinking about and practicing what we are learning and download a technical graphing service to study charts. It is free but you should have a good-sized computer monitor to study the charts on. Not sure when I will run the group but am currently leading towards Tuesday afternoon or Tuesday evening.

We will cover how to read charts, what to look for to help you buy and sell and to manage and minimize risk when trading. I think I will limit the group to 10 people and see how we get on. I want there to be enough time to ask questions and discuss things. If you are interested send me an email and in it let me know a bit about your knowledge and experience in the area and what you might hope to gain.

157 Oakhampton trail

Posted November 1/22

FOR SALE: 20 Enid Blyton children's books

20 Enid Blyton children's books for sale


Fair Condition


Asking $75 for the set.


Please call Peter Allen at


Posted November 1/21

Peters books 1_edited.jpg
Peters books 2.jpg
Peters books 3.jpg

FOR SALE: Royal Doulton - Larchmont Coffee Set

Royal Doulton Larchmont Demitasse 6 - place setting
6 - cups and saucers
1 - sugar bowl
1 - Creamer
1 - Coffee pot with lid. 

Condition - used like new.

Asking $75 for the set.

Please call Peter Allen at 289-759-4343

Posted October 31/22


FOR SALE: Set of Books by Dennis Wheatley

Dennis Wheatley set of books (24)

Asking $75.00 for the collection.

Call Peter Allen at 289-759-4343

Posted October 31/22


FOR SALE: Tile Cutter

Superior Tile Cutter Model #3. 

Approx. 20 years old. 

Asking $50

Call Peter Allen at 289-759-4343

Posted October 31/22

20220719_120517 (1).jpg

FOR SALE: 4 Pounds of Coffee Beans

4 pounds of coffee beans, dark roast and medium roast.

Asking $30.

Call Steve Barker at 289-759-5355

Posted October 20/22

FOR SALE: Power Lift Recliner Chair

Power lift recliner chair from shoppers home health.

Chair elevates. Also Power headrest, foot rest, lumbar and back Perfect condition. Used 2 years Asking $950


Contact Glenda


Posted October 14/22

Glenda Chair.jpg

WANTED: Garage Space for Winter Months

I was looking for anyone that has garage space that would be available during the winter months for my son to house his Mustang? If so please call me at 905-679-1450 or text 289-439-7752 to discuss details.


Pat Morgan

Posted October 14/22

WANTED: Someone Willing to Help with Computers

wondering if there are any computer wizards out the who are willing to spend a couple of hours with me to help me work out what to do?

Thanks very much.



Posted October 14/22

FOR SALE: Garth Trails 2023 Calendar

There are 3 to choose from and all pictures are here in our community.  #1 is of our cute foxes, #2 is of the birds in our community and #3 is miscellaneous.  I'm selling for $20 each and they're great quality.


If people are interested in viewing samples, they can contact Nancy at 905-301-7144.


Posted September 23/22

Calender clubhouse.jpg
Calender foxes.jpg
Calender Animals.jpg
Calender flowers.jpg

# 1

# 2

# 3

WANTED: Parking Spot

Hi Garth Trials community!


My wife and I are looking for one relatively short term parking spot, and one longer term parking spot as the Clubhouse parking lot is all full.  The spots do not have to be together.  So if you have even one spot it would be so helpful. 

We live on Oakhampton Trail near Ballantyne Trail.

We both still work and so many week days, the space would be empty, returning at night at a decent hour. 

We are quiet and respectful.

If anyone is willing to help out with a space(s) it would be so helpful and appreciated with so much gratitude.

Thank you so much

Peace to you

Tony & Liza Sibbald 


Posted September 13/2022

FOR SALE: Kayaks with Trailer

2 kayaks and a custom-made trailer - includes paddles and accessories for kayaks.

- Old Town Kayak (Model is Castine 140): 4 1/2 years old and has only been on the water approximately six or eight times – very good condition

- Old Town Fishing Kayak (model is Predator MX): Condition is like new - has only been used two or three times.

- Custom made trailer to accommodate both kayaks - 3 years old


The kayaks and trailer are presently being stored in Stoney Creek. The new models can be viewed on the Old Town  Kayak website for full product descriptions and pictures.

If interested, please call Jim at 905-308-0431.

Posted August 17/2022