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Garth Trails

Garth Trails is an adult living community. There are three registered condominium corporations, totalling 444 attached and detached homes. There are over 750 residents, mostly seniors, who live in the community. The Clubhouse recreation centre opened in 2006 and is the heart of the very active and social Garth Trails community. The Clubhouse office has a small team of administrative staff that work together with resident volunteers to facilitate programs, classes, groups and clubs.

Please note that Garth Trails is private property and there is absolutely no trespassing. The Clubhouse and facilities are only for residents and their guests. If you are a potential buyer or real estate broker please see the For Sale & Wanted page for more information regarding booking a tour.

Clubhouse Office Administration

Phone: 905-679-2582 | email:

Administrative Staff

Clubhouse Administrator: Amanda Levesque

Administrative Assistants: Laura Ortiz & James Topping 

If you require more information please contact the Clubhouse office administration.

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