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FOUND Eyeglasses


A pair of eyeglasses on Tallforest Trail.


Call Linda Wybraniak at 289-759-6117.

Free Recycling


Here's a blurb that will come to individual homes, and take their items for recycling, away for free.


With all the changes going on here, this could save peoples trips to the recycling dump, and maybe get things moved out sooner than later.

- A Fellow Garth Trails Resident

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Letter to Garth Trails


This is just a friendly reminder to residents that when they see children who
are cycling or walking through our community they are not necessarily

On Tuesday, April 13th our 2 grandsons aged 12 and 10 years were cycling
home after having a social distancing lunch with us when they were
confronted by a female resident who told them they were trespassing, they
shouldn’t be here and to leave, even though they indicated they were
visiting their grandparents.

When speaking with them afterwards, our one grandson was very gracious
and said “maybe the lady was having a bad day”, now my question to the
lady is this ‘when you next see these two young boys will you be just as
gracious and apologize for your error in judgement’, because you will see
them again as they will still cycle or walk past your house when they visit.

Brenda and Dave Fox
Tallforest Trail

Wanted: Donations for Community Outreach Charity Trunk Drive


Hello Garth Trails Residents!

While you are engaging in spring cleaning your closets and drawers during the current "stay at home" order, I am asking you to keep several organizations in mind. The Retired Women Teachers of Ontario, Hamilton Wentworth Branch has organized a RWTO Community Outreach Charity Drive Thru on Wednesday, June 23, 2021 from 10:00am to 2:00pm in the Ancaster Sobey's Parking Lot (due to the lockdown, we have decided to reschedule to this date - original date was Wednesday, May 12). Our members collect items for a variety of charities and are inviting the public to join in. This will be contactless, as multiple vehicles will be parked in a row with their trunks open and signage to show which donations are to be placed in which trunks. Just drop off in the correct "car boots" and each volunteer will drive the donations to the charity drop off point late that afternoon.


If you only have a few shoes or purses to donate and do not plan to drive to Sobey's on Wed., June 23, 2021, I will be placing a few boxes on my porch during the weekend of May 9th and 10th., but just for the "Purses for Margaret" project and the Soles 4 Souls project and eyeglass or hearing aid donations. I will not have room in my vehicle for N2N donations that day! Enjoy reading more info about these projects below!


Thank you for joining us for this charity drive!


Lynn Anderton, President of The RWTO Hamilton Wentworth Branch

82 Oakhampton Trail

Posted: April 8, 2021. Updated: May 6, 2021

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There is a group on Facebook called “garthtrailsfriends “ .

It was set up to help everyone living in Garth Trails to stay connected. Members post amusing pictures, feel good stories and poems, miscellaneous local news and general interest articles. Please send a Request to join. If you recently moved to Garth Trails please send me a Facebook message so I know you belong to our community.

Eleanor Freeborn (Administrator)