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Community Page

This PUBLIC PAGE is accessible to individuals from inside and outside the community.

Residents of the Community can post information they'd like to share with the community here by contacting the Clubhouse office. These notices are available to anyone that visits the Garth Trails website.

Avon Booklets

There are Avon booklets available in the Clubhouse Lobby inside the table drawer near the MPR room. 

Glasses Donations

A hearty congratulations and thank you to all of those residents who donated their "no longer needed" eye glasses to the Medical Ministry International. They were grateful and touched by the plethora of glasses which they received from Garth Trails. 


Again, thank you.

Judy Hopkins

Flyer Bundles

Residents in the community regularly receive a flyer bundle, usually packed in a blue bag similar to those that newspapers are delivered in. Unfortunately, many times these are not wanted and often end up being tossed in the recycling bin.

If you do not want to receive flyers, you can reach out to METROLAND media to request these no longer be delivered to your addresss. You can fill out a form online to stop delivery by visiting the METROLAND website or you can reach them by phone at 1-866-838-8960.

Illegitimate Service Attempts

Residents have reported that individuals are contacting owners in the community stating that they are from Enbridge and need to schedule a mandatory furnace inspection. It has been confirmed with Enbridge that these individuals are not affiliated with Enbridge, and there is no mandatory inspection.


Enbridge does not maintain your equipment (furnace, water heater) - they provide the gas only. Enbridge does not go door-to-door and they do not call customers directly unless there is a gas emergency (such as no gas supply). In this case, they will leave a note on your door with instructions to contact them directly. If you have any questions or want to confirm any correspondence you receive, you can contact Enbridge directly at 1-877-362-7434.


It is always important to be critical when receiving calls or visits to your home, or concerning emails that request an in-home visit or any personal information. If you are unsure, it is always advised to reach out to the company directly to confirm (via contact information on a prior bill).

Grass Cutting Along the Boulevards

Many have noticed the boulevards along both Garth Street and Twenty Road are not as pristine as the grass that is cut within the community. Please note that the areas within the community are maintained by a contractor, governed by the individual condo contract. In all Garth Trails contracts, it is outlined that the area is to be aesthetically pleasing. Areas outside of Garth Trails property are maintained by the City of Hamilton, and the contracts that the City of Hamilton has with their contractors do not prioritize aesthetics.


In an effort to inform residents, administration at the Clubhouse has contacted the City of Hamilton to confirm the details surrounding these areas with regards to grass cutting and maintenance. All details are as follows:


-      The boulevards as referred to extend from the road and inwards to the fence line.

-      These areas are all City of Hamilton property and are zoned as urban.

-      These areas are covered under the Urban Mowing Contract.

o   The City of Hamilton is responsible for cutting and trimming these areas.

o   The purpose of this maintenance is to reduce the spread of weeds and ticks.

o   These are maintained from April 18th until the second week of October, and are allotted 12 cuttings throughout the season.

o   Grass is cut and trimmed once every two weeks, weather permitting.

o   This is contracted work: all work performed on City of Hamilton property is awarded to licensed contractors, and none of the work is performed by students.

-      Please note that any grass under/surrounding hydro lines (including any within these boulevards) are property of Ontario Hydro and are maintained by Ontario Hydro twice per year.


If you are feel that the grass cutting does not align with the above guidelines, you are welcome to contact the City of Hamilton at 905-546-CITY (2489).

Wildlife in the Community: Foxes

There have been reports of fox sightings around the community. It's important that residents are mindful and aware of the various wildlife that live in the green spaces that surround this community, as well as to take some precautions to keep yourself and your small pets safe.

Here are some important things to remember to avoid attracting foxes:

  • When a food source is available, they will stay in the area. Therefore, do not leave food out (i.e., dog/cat food, birdseed, garbage). It is important not to feed wildlife

  • This is the time of the year they will be looking for a place to build their den in order to have a litter. Thus, look around your property to make sure there is no place they can enter such as openings (slots/holes) in the raised decks. If you notice any openings, you should block the entrance. 

  • If the fox is being a nuisance, hit pots and pans and they should run away.

Please note: if humans build a relationship with a fox and the fox is captured by the appropriate authorities, the fox can no longer be rehabilitated back to the wild because they lose their fear of humans and they will then have to euthanized.

Please avoid all interactions with foxes.

Wildlife in the Community: Coyotes

There have been reports of coyote sightings around the community. It's important that residents are mindful and aware of the various wildlife that live in the green spaces that surround this community, as well as to take some precautions to keep yourself and your small pets safe.

Here are some precautions you can take to avoid attracting coyotes:

  • avoid letting your small pets outside unattended.

  • avoid walking after dark or in the early morning hours.

  • avoid feeding your pets outside as this can attract wildlife.

  • use a non-retractable leash when walking.

  • attach keys or another noise generating item to your person for your walk so your presence is known.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you come across a coyote on your walk:

  • never approach or touch a wild animal.

  • do not turn your back or run from a wild animal.

  • back away from the animal while remaining calm.

  • stand tall, wave and clap your hands, and make lots of noise.

  • carry a flashlight at night.

  • consider a personal audible alarm which can deter a coyote.

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