Bulk Services

Your condo corporation may have bulk services available. Please see below for details, as well as where to go for set-up of services or who to contact for technical assistance.

Bell Bulk Services
Internet/Cable - Description and Set-up

Owners in Condos 1 (WSCC375) and Condo 3 (WSCC439) have a bulk internet and cable package with Bell. This agreement is for a period of 5 years (from September 1, 2022), and this package is available to all owners in Condos 1 and 3 anytime during this 5 year period. These services are paid to Bell through your condo fees, and on your monthly bill you will see a 100% credit for internet and cable services.


If you have not yet set up your Bell services, you can do so by calling 1-888-988-0818, pressing #, and mentioning that you live in a "Preferred Building" when you are connected to an agent. There are no fees for installation, and all of the provided equipment will be hooked up and tested by Bell technicians during the installation. 


Telephone service is not included in the bulk package with Bell. However, if owners wish to set up their home phone with Bell they can do so at a discounted rate.


Want to keep your phone number? Please let the Bell representative know when you call them to sign up for a home phone (via the Bell Bulk Number ONLY -> 1-888-988-0818). They will contact your existing provider (Rogers) to arrange a transfer of your existing number (this is called porting). This can take up to 5 days, so please keep that in mind when scheduling your set-up to avoid any gaps in telephone service. If you will be without a home phone, please update your Property Manager with an alternate phone number (such as a cell phone).

Please note that you must terminate your service with Rogers to avoid being charged for services after August 31st. Be sure to complete the above first if you want to keep your phone number.

Terminate your service with Rogers by calling 1-855-759-5856 and select Option 5. You will receive instructions on how to return your Rogers equipment.

Service Provider Email Addresses

Please note that when you terminate your service with Rogers, you will no longer have access to your Rogers email account. It is important that you update any critical services with a new address, and save any information that you feel you want to keep. You will receive a Bell email address upon set up, but it is advisable to make an email address with a provider that will not change if you change your provider account in the future (such as one at hotmail.com, or gmail.com). 

Your Bell Bill

As a new Bell customer, you will receive both an account number and an inactive phone number on your first bill (unless you chose to opt in for home telephone then your number will be active). If you were an existing Bell customer, the bulk package and optional home phone will show up on your existing bill. Both of these numbers may be used by Bell when you call in for technical support or to change your services.

While your internet and cable is paid for through your condo, you will still receive a monthly bill from Bell. Any additional services/products above and beyond what is outlined in your package will be charged here.

If you receive a contract or correspondence from Bell that states "Two Year Contract", please note that this is a default field on their residential contracts and does not reflect the 5 year agreement that is in place.

Your Equipment

You will receive a Home Hub Modem, a Wi-Fi pod if needed (to boost your signal), one 4K PVR Receiver and up to 2 additional HD Receivers (for additional television sets). Please note that the remote controls for the 4K Receiver and the HD Receivers are not the same - so be sure to keep the 4K Remote with the 4K Receiver! The technicians will set all equipment up, including remotes and their functionality with your existing television, as well as test all services. You do not need a smart TV to use any features of your BellFibe Television services.


If at any time you change your television, you will need to reprogram the Bell remote that is used for that receiver/television. The technician will leave you these instructions, so keep them in a safe place for reference if you need it down the road.

While there were many questions about Bell's new voice remotes, these were not available at the time this agreement was made. More information will be shared here when it is available with regards to upgrading your existing remote to this new one (will be a one-time fee).

Please note that Bulk Packages with Bell are only handled through the number mentioned above. Any calls to other Bell numbers will not be able to assist you, and may provide you with false information. Please ONLY contact Bell via the number provided here (1-888-988-0818).

Bell Fibe TV Channel Guide

You can find and download a list of all Bell channels and their numbers here. Please note that all the highlighted channels are what are included in your bulk plan. You are able to select 10 a la carte channels above and beyond what is included - many choose these from the BEST package shown in the guide. These can be changed at any time using the MyBell app (see below for details on Bell apps). If you don't have access to a printer and would like a hard copy, please visit the Bell Store on Upper James (near Denninger's) and they will provide you with one. Please note that the font on this is quite small.


If you would like to update your services or equipment, add additional items, or change your a la carte selections, you can also do this through one of Bell's user-friendly apps (available on both the Google Play store and Apple AppStore).

Helpful Tips and Tricks

In the Bell channel guide, there is a Help section with lots of tutorials and helpful information as you learn to navigate your new cable and internet services. Below are a few features that you may want to explore.

Record TV shows and Movies:

With a PVR, you can record shows and movies to watch later. Only your main receiver (the 4K one) is a PVR. You can set this PVR to record from ANY of your receivers - they are all connected. Don't worry if you forgot to record, you can actually rewind live tv for up to 30 hours!

Set your Favourites:

You can create a favourites list which can help you find what you like more quickly. You can add any channels you want to this list, and you can access this favourites list from any of your receivers.

Remove Channels from the Guide:

Another way to reduce the channels that appear in your guide, you can edit the guide and remove channels that you don't use. Please note that this will only change the guide on the receiver itself - this is not shared across all receivers. This is great if you have a TV that is strictly for your grandchildren and you want to limit their access.

Update your Services or Equipment, Add Additional Items, or Change Your A La Carte Selections:

You can do these through one of Bell's user-friendly apps (available on Google Play and Apple AppStore):

MyBell App:

Manage your Bell Services

- View/Download/Pay your bill

- Change TV Package and Channels

- Check internet usage and speed testing

and more!

BellFibe TV App:

Enjoy your TV content

- Watch TV on your mobile device

- Set/Watch/Manage/Download PVR recordings

- Download select movies and series from some channels

and more!

Bell Wi-Fi App:

Manage your Wi-Fi Network

- Pause internet access users/devices on your network

- Set limits for internet use

- Share your network access with visitors easily

and more!

Customer Service/Technical Support

After your services and Bell account are set up, if you need technical assistance or customer service beyond what is available in the apps, you can do so by reaching out to the Bell Bulk line at 1-888-988-0818. You will need to provide your account number or Bell phone number (both will appear on your bill/in your Bell app).


Please note that Bulk Packages with Bell are only handled through the number mentioned above.

Any calls to other Bell numbers will not be able to assist you, and may provide you with false information.

Have technical issues with your Bell Services?
If you are having technical issues with your Bell services, call the dedicated Bell Bulk Service line at 1-888-988-0818. If they were unable to resolve your issue, they will provide you with an order/ticket/reference number. With that number, you can request advanced technical support by filling out the form below.

This is only available after your services/Bell account are set up, and only after contacting the number above for assistance. You will need a reference number to submit this form.

If you do not have a reference number from Bell's Bulk Service, please do NOT submit this form.


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